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James, Jen and Melissa talk about their experiences with Gary

Dan B.


“I was referred to Gary from my chiropractor James Carter at Portland Back and Neck Pain Center in Portland. I had been involved in a car accident and needed Gary to help me restore my range of motion and flexibility. From the very first visit I was deeply impressed by Gary’s calm and professional demeanor and genuine concern for my health. After the first session I remember walking out of his office feeling exceptionally “light” as I walked to my car – almost like I would envision how Neil Armstrong felt as he walked across the moon. As each session progressed I began to feel so much better and ended up feeling much more flexible and pain free than before the initial accident. Gary is very patient and taught me a new paradigm concerning how to relax and allow my body to self-adjust to stress and tension. I still imagine the little weights hanging from my fingers as I walk to help my shoulders to relax (still works wonders!). I cannot recommend Gary enough to anyone who seeks a new approach to a more healthy body and mind. Thanks again Gary!”

Susan N.


“My experience with Gary was nothing less than extraordinary. After several operations and extensive oncology treatment I felt a strong need to be “re-integrated”. I was drawn to Gary by his diverse background, it was clear that his road to Structural Integration was well thought out and inevitable. What I wasn’t prepared for was the profound effect Gary would have on me. I called my husband from the parking lot after the first session and told him it felt like I was walking on air, so light was body and mind. By the end of my tenth session I had rediscovered how to walk like a child on a summer day, easy swing of the arms and face turned to the sun. I cannot recommend Gary highly enough. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Barbara S.

Insurance Sales

“I was unaware at the potential results of Rolfing. Gary’s treatments absolutely cured my chronic neck pain I had had for more than a decade. In a few sessions Gary’s expertise eliminated my pain, and I have not had a recurrence. I was and still am enormously grateful. I HIGHLY recommend anyone with chronic pain to give Gary a try.”

Nikki D.


“Gary’s Rolfing and Structural Integration ® work is incredible. He is extremely skilled and knowledgeable and more than happy to go the extra step to listen and learn about what his client’s need. I came to him with an injury that needed specific work for recovery for a race as opposed to the traditional 10-sessions. He worked what I needed for my recovery in with the 10-session idea to wonderful success. I feel so great after his sessions, and he teaches me something in each one about how to “listen” and “learn” about my bodys’ signals so that I can take better care of myself.”

Rosalyn P.


“As a physician who practices traditional medicine, I was initially reluctant to try Rolfing Structural Integration. After six months of hip pain, I had seen an orthopedist, had a full diagnostic workup and several months of physical therapy. I had stopped exercising and was miserable. I finally saw a sports medicine physician who recommended Gary for a series of Rolfing sessions.
Within a few visits, my pain was dramatically reduced. I am back to my full workout routine and my posture and flexibility have improved considerably. Gary is a gentle practitioner who is thoughtful and deliberate in his approach. His dedication and enjoyment of the work are obvious. I appreciate how he individualized the series for my concerns and goals. I recommend him with the utmost confidence, and am sure to return for some advanced work in the future.”

Mike W.


“Gary helped this dancer discover new power and stability in his core, and a new approach to body learning in general.”

Celine P.


“I recall one of my first sessions with Gary. He said to me, ‘As we work on this next area, try to connect to the front of your spine.’ Before I began working with Gary, I did not realize that being in touch with the front of my spine mattered!
When you choose to do work with Gary, prepare to walk with fluidity and grace and integrate your body, mind and spirit. Gary’s knowledge, passion and attentiveness should prove to inspire you as it has me.”

Lynn S.


“Over the years I have tried physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy for various physical problems including migraines and upper back/shoulder/neck pain. Frustratingly, none worked. I started feeling the positive benefits from Rolfing from the very first session. For the first time in years I can work at my computer without pain. I am amazed and very grateful. Thank you!”

Peter C.

Environmental Engineer

“Having had constant muscle and joint pain for a couple of years in my late 30’s, I decided to try Rolfing with Gary. Getting Rolfed was an intense and worthwhile experience. I really enjoyed it and looked forward to how it felt once a session was over. I completed a program of 10 sessions over a year ago and still feel loose, relaxed, and pain free. It is incredible, but my legs, feet, lower back and hips- all which had bothered me for a few years, still feel loose over a year later. I definitely recommend getting Rolfed by Gary.”

Steve M.

Import Broker

“The other day after waking up, running around the yard with my 11 year-old son and then playing basketball against him for 45 minutes, I thought to myself: “you know what? I did not pay Gary Gurney enough money for what he did for me.” I know that sounds crazy, but it’s simply the truth. I suffered with chronic hip/back issues since 1999, which kept me in various kinds of physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and similar treatments at least twice a month, sometimes twice a week. Occasionally, things would get better, but never for long and then I was back on the treadmill of treatments again. Gary is intuitive, smart and always pushing himself to learn more. This isn’t “cookie cutter” treatment. It is a caring, fun and good spirited treatment. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Elizabeth T.

IT Project Manager

“What an amazing experience! I had always resisted trying Rolfing because I heard it really hurt; but in working with Gary I found that not to be the case at all. Gary really listened and took my concerns about it being painful seriously. He worked with me in a gentle and extremely effective manner to release tons of tension and pain from my body. His quality of touch is just amazing! I feel relaxed and free from pain for the first time in years.

It has totally changed my quality of life. The flexibility of my body has increased 10 fold and I have a new found sense of well-being and happiness that is indescribable. I am so grateful that I finally faced my fears and took him up on his offer to come in and try a session.Thank you Gary!”