MELT method


Do you want to feel better now? OK, well, how about five minutes from now? I’ve recently become a  Certified MELT Method Instructor for hands and feet, developed by the brilliant Sue Hitzman.

During a recent visit to Portland, Jon Martine, a friend and faculty member at the Rolf Institute (and Certified MELT Instructor), ran me through a straightforward hand and foot MELT routine, using the specially designed MELT balls, that took about 15 minutes.

The results were immediately impressive. My hands felt softer, more relaxed, and seemed to have improved circulation. Also, I noticed that my shoulders were resting comfortably on my ribcage rather than clinging to my neck!  And my feet felt heavenly—they felt lighter, yet more grounded and sensations of warmth flowed up through my legs into my hips!

It immediately became clear to me that this technique would benefit many of my clients. I’m thrilled to be able to offer this easy technique that does not require lots of time or need much space. You can do a MELT hand and foot treatment at your desk, in your living room, nearly anywhere that has a flat surface!

If you’d like to find out more, please contact me, or sign up for one of three MELT intro classes I’ll be offering this fall!