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Does Rolfing ® hurt?

Clients report that the sensations during a Rolfing session are no more painful than a deep tissue massage, and in some cases it is less painful with more dramatic results. The techniques of Rolfing have evolved greatly in the last twenty years. There are many techniques, some of them very gentle, which bring about lasting and profound change in your structure.

How is Rolfing different from deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is often good at releasing tight tissue. In fact, many of the myofascial release techniques used today by physical therapists and massage therapists were developed by Rolfers decades ago. However, simply releasing tight tissue around areas of pain and discomfort rarely results in the feeling of integration and lasting relief from pain. Rolfers are trained to identify tight areas in the body that prevent integration and cause chronic pain and discomfort. My clients are often surprised to find these are often different from their areas of complaint. When a body is integrated, chronic pain will often disappear.

How is Rolfing different from chiropractic?

I work directly with the connective tissue. I do not adjust bones. However, re-alignment of bones can occur through balancing of the connective tissue. In fact, bones are held place by connective tissue and so alignment of bones is determined by the connective tissue.

Do I need a “Ten Series”?

No. I am available for single sessions and mini series as well as a ten series. I am willing to work with the needs and desires of my clients. If you are interested in only one session, I will happily work with you.

How long are sessions?

Please be ready for an hour and a half, although the hands on work will often be less, usually 50-75 minutes.

How often do I need sessions?

If you are receiving a ten series, it is preferable to receive sessions every one or two weeks. If you are not receiving ten series work, you can space sessions as far apart as you wish.

What happens after a “Ten Series”?

Many clients will stop receiving work for an extended period of time, several months, a year or more before they need additional work. Many people report ongoing changes in their bodies for several months after receiving a series. Some never feel the need for more work. Clients who are very physically active, or have had many injuries, like to receive periodic tune ups as needed. This work is about helping the client become less dependent on sessions rather than more.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Everyone is unique. I like to meet with prospective clients (at no charge) to find out about their individual needs and discuss the possible ways we can work together. This is also an opportunity to raise any questions or concerns that have not been answered. Of course, scheduling an initial consultation is in no way an obligation to make an appointment for future work.

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