Turn off Stress! (The wonders of floating)

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Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed by the relentless demands of our tech-age? Do you feel tired and lackfloat energy due to poor sleep or insomnia? Do you have chronic aches and pains? Are you suffering from tech-burnout, even though you are not a techie?

Floating LadyFloating (aka Sensory Deprivation) is the perfect antidote to over stimulation, stress and burnout. It is the ‘off-switch’ so many people are desperate for, yet cannot seem to find.

Floating works by reducing the input to your senses. Light, sound and gravity are all reduced to near zero so that the part of your brain that constantly monitors sensory input for threat gets a profound break. When this part of your brain shuts down, you can drop into deep states of rest where your body and mind will experience some of the most profound states of stress relief possible.

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